Discus Craftsman Potters Wheel

Craftsman Potters Wheel

The “secret” potters wheel – this ‘hidden gem’ of a wheel was developed in the UK to a patented design by a world leading Engineer, ex Rolls Royce. Built to…Continue reading

The “secret” potters wheel – this ‘hidden gem’ of a wheel was developed in the UK to a patented design by a world leading Engineer, ex Rolls Royce. Built to the very highest technical specifications and quality in Hampshire with all the main parts including the outstanding electric motor, wheel head and moulded components. Imported items are fasteners & small items.
Discus, probably the most powerful, compact and elegant portable table top electric potter’s wheel in the world, with no compromise on safe operation.

This rugged, wheel delivers constant torque so critical for clay working and often lacking in comparable products.
This portable wheel is light and easy to move and use whilst probably having more power than you will need.
The wheel speed is controlled by a foot pedal or, the optional hand controller. Discus Potters’ Wheels are a joy to use and ideal for beginners and hobbyists, classrooms, adult education, special needs, professionals and small production runs and will provide many years of reliable service.

Includes a Wheel, Controller, Foot Pedal & Manual, Bat key & spare bat pins.


Components are the best of their kind available and every care and attention is taken in their assembly. Should a component fail through normal use, we will be pleased to repair or replace it, at our discretion, for a period of five (5) years from the date of supply, with lifetime product support.

The Versatile Discus

Discus wheels are reversible, at the flick of a switch – great for left-handed potters.
The wheels will sit securely without fixing on any work surface.
When you have finished being creative, it can be easily lifted, moved, cleaned and stacked, freeing valuable space for other tasks and projects.
Easy to clean after use, just disconnect the bowl from the control cable and move to a sink where waste water can be tipped out and the bowl wiped clean.

Unique design

The independent intelligent electronic controller combined with the technically advanced UK made 24volts DC motor in the wheel provides the means for the Discus potter’s wheel to safely centre up to 16kgs (35lbs), higher than its size might suggest.
The 6.5 Kg bowl is injection moulded in ABS plastic, Electronic Control box 5Kgs, the 500g foot pedal, fitted with 2.0 meters of cable is also made from high impact ABS plastic. The pedal and provides fine adjustment to speed of rotation. Hand speed controllers are also available. These component are not heavy or bulky so it is easy to carry and store, when you have finished being creative in clay.

Discus Engineered for durability

A low power plug/socket arrangement for the motor avoids the risk of incorrect connections.
Components are the best of their kind available and every care and attention is taken in their assembly.
Should a component fail through normal use, we will be pleased to repair or replace it at our discretion for a period of Five (5) years from the date of supply. In addition we provide a lifetime product support service

Discus bat retaining system

The cast heavyweight wheel head has two bat retaining screws which are easily raised with the provided Allen key to enable the bats to be securely mounted. We supply a range of bats up to 305mm (12″) to suit most needs.

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Rated 4.8 / 5 from 12 customers read the reviews
Powerful motor
Easy to clean and store
Lightweight & durable


Customer reviews (12 reviews)

  1. "Very good"


    In reality I did not purchase the DC to do the same job as my Shimpo. I specifically purchased this wheel to be able to do the following:
    1. Be the main training wheel for courses that I run.
    2. To be portable for demonstrations.
    3. To act as a second wheel should my Shimpo have an issue.
    4. To allow me to do quick sets of work in different clays so I don’t need to clean up my Shimpo.

    How has it faired?

    Criteria 1:
    Good to Excellent.
    – I can keep the whole setup stored on a spare shelf on days when not required.
    – throws well for the uninitiated – handles up to 2lb of clay with esse; the max size most of my students get to.
    – the use of bats is a significant bonus as the students can replace the pot in the same position without wasting time recentering the pot in a time limited class.
    – easy to empty and clean
    – nice, large and strong splash tray
    – good length foot pedal cable
    – left / right hand option v good. I appear to get more than the national average of left handers – more artistic maybe?….

    I have recommended the model to my students and online to Facebook queries.

    Improvements? A very minor, non critical one:
    – lugs for bats – I personally offset the lugs so it is obvious which side ofcthe bat goes where. The obvious and understandable counter argument is that the lugs are perfectly symetrical and so the bats can be placed either way round. All I’ll say is that I’m not buying bats at your prices and so my versions may be slightly out in accuracy….

    Criteria 2. Excellent.
    – Light.
    – Feels robust.
    – Easy to set up
    – Easy to temporarily move out of way if doing another activity, e.g. decorating.

    Criteria 3. Excellent – and it did need to step in within a month of purchase as my shimpo foot pedal failed and a replacement part had to be sent from America.

    Criteria 4. Excellent:
    – I use the DC to throw small sets of bowls and mugs in E/W whilst my Shimpo deals with larger S/W work.

    1. Very pleased with the performance against the criteria.
    2. If I expand my course activities I will seriously consider another DC.

  2. "Excellent"


    Quiet, powerful, excellent speed control, easy to use and light enough to take to demonstrations. For me a bonus is being able to set the foot control to a constant speed and throwing whilst standing up.

  3. "Very highly so far"


    In little experience with it so far, it was totally as described, even lighter and more compact than I expected and it seems just as effective and powerful as I had hoped.

  4. "Very Good Wheel"


    Just the job and very pleased.
    Exactly what it says on the tin .

  5. "Good Wheel"


    I have used various wheels over the years and this one is ‘just what it says on the can’

  6. "Excellent well designed wheel"


    Having great fun!

  7. "Very Good"


    Came quickly and was throwing pots the same day in the garden shed.

  8. "Pleased"


    came quickly and easy to set up and use.

  9. "Really good"


    I’m very pleased.
    I had a different make small wheel before it went wrong and couldn’t get it repaired.
    This wheel is so powerful and easy to work with.

  10. "Delighted"


    Excellent – Very pleased. Came in a few days and has proven an ideal workhorse.

  11. "Brilliant"


    Really pleased

  12. "Very nice"


    Delivered promptly, easy to get going.

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