Craftsman Maxi package

Craftsman Maxi package

The “secret” potters wheel – this ‘hidden gem’ of a wheel was developed in the UK to a patented design by a world leading Engineer, ex Rolls Royce. Built to…Continue reading

The “secret” potters wheel – this ‘hidden gem’ of a wheel was developed in the UK to a patented design by a world leading Engineer, ex Rolls Royce. Built to the very highest technical specifications and quality in Hampshire with all the main parts including the outstanding electric motor, wheel head and moulded components. Imported items are fasteners & small items.
Discus, probably the most powerful, compact and elegant portable table top electric potter’s wheel in the world, with no compromise on safe operation.

This rugged, wheel delivers constant torque so critical for clay working and often lacking in comparable products. This portable wheel is light and easy to move and use whilst probably having more power than you will need.The wheel speed is controlled by a foot pedal or, the optional hand controller. Discus Potters’ Wheels are a joy to use and ideal for beginners and hobbyists, classrooms, adult education, special needs, professionals and small production runs and will provide many years of reliable service.

Includes the Wheel, with bat pins. A Controller, a Foot Pedal, a Studio Stand & Studio Stool, and slip on Studio Shelf, an 8 piece Potters Tool Set, also a comprehensive Manual with the Bat key & spare bat pins. Also included, is a Full set of Bats comprising 4 of the 6mm mini 150mm diameter bats to fit into the Master bat and also a 254, a 280 and a 305mm diameter bat all 9mm thick for larger work.

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All you need to get started
Great value package
Free UK delivery
Foot controller and power unit
5 year warranty


Products in this bundle

Craftsman Potters Wheel

Craftsman Potters Wheel£1,230.00

Craftsman potter's wheel, controller and foot pedal.
Discus 6mm Plastic master bat

Discus 6mm Plastic master bat£37.00

6mm Plastic CNC cut master bat to fix 152 mm (6″)
Set of 3 254, 280 & 305mm bats

Set of 3 254, 280 & 305mm bats£37.00

A versatile set of bats in three different sizes
Plywood mini bats 152mm/6" x 4

Plywood mini bats 152mm/6" x 4£37.00

Set of 4 plywood mini bats 152mm (6") for small pieces such as cups
Potter's Tool Set

Potter's Tool Set£16.00

A perfect set of potters tools to use with the Discus electric potters wheels
The Studio Stand

The Studio Stand£172.00

Studio Stand for the Craftsman Potter’s Wheel
Potter's stool

Potter's stool£32.50

Self-assembled satin varnished plywood stool at the correct height for our wheels
Tool shelf (clip on)

Tool shelf (clip on)£44.00

This shelf is for the Discus Craftsman Potter’s wheel

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Features and Benefits

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Mains power is ONLY to the independent electronic control box. Improved safety
High impact one piece ABS bowl Sturdy - long lasting and easy to clean
Stand just 160mm above your work surface Convenient – ease of use
Cast 250mm heavyweight aluminium wheel head Sturdy - easy to use, easy to clean
Wheel head incorporates centring rings Helps clay throwing
Wheel head fitted with the Discus bat retaining system Ideal for easy movement of pots
Guaranteed for five years. Lifetime support. Proof of reliability
The 300 watts electronically controlled electric motor Lots of Power
The 1/3hp motor delivers torque at all speeds Great flexibility
The motor speed range is 0 to 300rpm (±5%) Power and flexibility
Plastic master bat 280mm (11") with 152 mm (6") mini bats Ideal for small items
Bats of 254, 280 and 305mm, (10”, 11” & 12”) diameter Best for throwing large pieces
Centres up to a whopping 16kgs clay More than adequate power
Electronic non-slip Foot Control with automatic spring stop Easy to use
As an alternative, a Hand Control with emergency stop switch Ideal for wheel chair and other users
Independent wheel, controller and pedal Independent wheel, controller and pedal
Rugged durable design & build quality A long Potting life
Five year guarantee, with lifetime product support An investment to last for many years
Designed, engineered and assembled in Hampshire Assured UK service