Potters wheels

Craftsman Maxi package

Craftsman Maxi package£1,480.00 £1,284.00

Our best value Craftsman wheel package. All you need to throw clay from beginner to pro level.
package saving £196.00
Craftsman Mini package

Craftsman Mini package£1,251.00 £1,154.00

A great value bundle including master bat, mini bats, set of 3 mixed bats and tools
package saving £97.00
Craftsman Potters Wheel

Craftsman Potters Wheel£1,134.00

Craftsman potter's wheel, controller and foot pedal.

Why buy from Discus?

  • Designed and made in Great Britain
  • 5 years warranty
  • Lightweight, portable & easy to store
  • Lifetime support
  • Powerful for beginner to professional use!
Compact Maxi package

Compact Maxi package£1,441.00 £1,332.00

The best value package for our most compact wheel, including tools, bats, stool and stand, foot controller and power unit
package saving £109.00
Compact Mini package

Compact Mini package£1,252.50 £1,176.00

Our most compact wheel, available as a package with split bowl, bats and tools
package saving £76.50
Compact potters wheel

Compact potters wheel£1,044.00

Discus Compact potter's wheel with controller and foot pedal