Set of 3 254, 280 & 305mm bats

Set of 3 254, 280 & 305mm bats£37.00

A versatile set of bats in three different sizes
Set of 3 254mm/10” bats

Set of 3 254mm/10” bats£34.00

A set of three 254mm (10”) diameter bats
Set of 3 280mm/11” bats

Set of 3 280mm/11” bats£37.00

A set of 3 280mm (11”) diameter bats

Why buy from Discus?

  • Designed and made in Great Britain
  • 5 years warranty
  • Lightweight, portable & easy to store
  • Lifetime support
  • Powerful for beginner to professional use!
Set of 3 305mm/12” bats

Set of 3 305mm/12” bats£39.00

305mm (12”) diameter 9mm thick bat
Split bowls for Discus Compact Wheel

Split bowls for Discus Compact Wheel£99.50

A complete bowl for the Compact Wheel
Split Leg Apron. Potters Apron

Split Leg Apron. Potters Apron£30.00

Best Quality Cotton washable Split Leg Apron.
The Discus Drying Cabinet

The Discus Drying Cabinet£75.00

The Discus drying cabinet made from super tough polycarbonate so you can see your pot drying.
The Discus Toolbox

The Discus Toolbox£10.00

Superb Large Wooden Toolbox Box - 25 x 20 x 10cm
The Discus Wedging Bench

The Discus Wedging Bench£225.00

The Discus Wedging Table is ideal for preparing your clay.
The Studio Stand

The Studio Stand£172.00

Studio Stand for the Craftsman Potter’s Wheel
Tool shelf (clip on)

Tool shelf (clip on)£44.00

This shelf is for the Discus Craftsman Potter’s wheel