Pottery Wheels & Accessories

Here at Discus, we are a prominent supplier of portable pottery wheels and accessories in the UK. Our pottery wheels help you craft clay with professionalism and grace!

Our UK pottery wheel range is suitable for both beginners and advanced potters, and they are all sold with a 5-year warranty, so you can enjoy your new pottery wheel without having to worry if something were to go wrong.

Why buy your pottery wheel from Potter’s Wheels?
Designed in Great Britain
Our pottery wheel is UK designed and made, with over 90% of the components being sourced from Great Britain. You are helping the UK economy whilst also being safe in the knowledge that you are purchasing something that has been skilfully and carefully designed to the highest of standards.

Suitable for beginners and advanced users
The Discus potters wheel range has been designed by a world leading engineer, made to the highest technical specifications. They are a joy to use, whether you are a hobbyist just starting out, or a professional who needs to use it every day, our pottery wheel (UK made) is suitable for everyone.

Lifetime support
If you are just starting out by purchasing your first portable pottery wheel, when you buy from Discus you are buying a lifetime of help and support when it is required. If you need any advice or guidance, simply get in touch with our friendly team – they are always happy to help!

5 Years warranty
Our pottery wheel is UK-designed and made to the highest quality and specifications – but if the worst should happen you are safe in the knowledge that your portable pottery wheel has an amazing 5 year warranty.

Our portable pottery wheel range is lightweight, portable, and easy to store to ensure that you have one less thing to worry about. It is simple and easy to set up, and you can pack it all away and store it out of sight when you need to make more space.

Craftsman Maxi package

Craftsman Maxi package£1,395.00

Our best value Craftsman wheel package. All you need to throw clay from beginner to pro level.
Craftsman Mini package

Craftsman Mini package£1,255.00

A great value bundle including master bat, mini bats, set of 3 mixed bats and tools
Craftsman Potters Wheel

Craftsman Potters Wheel£1,230.00

Craftsman potter's wheel, controller and foot pedal.

Why buy from Discus?

  • Designed and made in Great Britain
  • 5 years warranty
  • Lightweight, portable & easy to store
  • Lifetime support
  • Powerful for beginner to professional use!
Compact Maxi package

Compact Maxi package£1,450.00

The best value package for our most compact wheel, including tools, bats, stool and stand, foot controller and power unit
Compact Mini package

Compact Mini package£1,280.00

Our most compact wheel, available as a package with split bowl, bats and tools
Compact potters wheel

Compact potters wheel£1,135.00

Discus Compact potter's wheel with controller and foot pedal
Discus 6mm Plastic master bat

Discus 6mm Plastic master bat£37.00

6mm Plastic CNC cut master bat to fix 152 mm (6″)
Discus Potters throwing gauges

Discus Potters throwing gauges£49.50

A tall sizing gauge or pointer with two arms has soft rubber ‘fingers’ for easy and precisely setting into position and Red sizing callipers to enable the creation of items of the same shape and size.
Hand Speed Control with Emergency Power Off

Hand Speed Control with Emergency Power Off£105.00

Ideal for those who like to set fixed or variable speeds with their hand, for special needs or teaching requirements
Plywood mini bats 152mm/6" x 4

Plywood mini bats 152mm/6" x 4£37.00

Set of 4 plywood mini bats 152mm (6") for small pieces such as cups
Potter's stool

Potter's stool£32.50

Self-assembled satin varnished plywood stool at the correct height for our wheels
Potter's Tool Set

Potter's Tool Set£16.00

A perfect set of potters tools to use with the Discus electric potters wheels
Remote foot speed controller pedal

Remote foot speed controller pedal£105.00

Foot controller for Discus pottery wheels
Replacement bat pin Allen Keys (set of 2)

Replacement bat pin Allen Keys (set of 2)£4.50

Spare Allen keys for the wheel head bat pins
Replacement Bat Retainer screws Pack of two

Replacement Bat Retainer screws Pack of two£4.50

Replacement bat retainer screws for the potter’s wheel
Replacement Compact wheel split bowls clips

Replacement Compact wheel split bowls clips£11.00

A pair of ABS plastic clips for the split bowl
Replacement Foot Pedal Spring

Replacement Foot Pedal Spring£9.00

Replacement foot pedal spring for the Discus foot controller