The Discus Potters Wheel Story

Discus began life in 1994 when a retired Rolls Royce engineer having made an application for a patent to protect the unique drive method optimising the electric motor power and performance. Around the unique solution he then conceptualised, designed and manufactured the early versions of Discus. We occasionally have these early wheels returned for servicing so they can be used for many more years.

On his retirement in 2000 the wheel went to a new home in the small market town of Somerton in Somerset where it was made with care and attention before moving to its new home in Petersfield Hampshire when David Longland and Nick Elwin became the new owners in 2018.

The Future

David and Nick have used their manufacturing knowledge to further enhance the specification and build style to create the current Discus range.

Discus have two wheel types the Craftsman with an integral bowl and the Compact with a split bowl. Both offer the same range of bats and ancillaries including the option for a hand control for users who do not wish to use a foot control, and both have the full 5 year guarantee lifetime product support.