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UK Made Pottery Wheels

Our UK made, award Winning Discus™ Craftsman and Compact Potter’s Wheels are probably the most powerful, compact and portable potter’s wheels in the world. The perfect choice for the beginner or experienced potter.

What makes Discus pottery wheels so good?

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Why buy from Discus?

  • Designed and made in Great Britain
  • 5 years warranty
  • Lightweight, portable & easy to store
  • Lifetime support
  • Powerful for beginner to professional use!

The Award winning Discus Craftsman Potter’s Wheel

The “secret” potters wheel – this hidden gem of a wheel was developed in the UK to a patented design by a world leading Engineer, ex Rolls Royce.

Built to the very highest technical specifications and quality in Hampshire with all the main parts including the outstanding electric motor, wheel head and moulded components.

Discus, probably the most powerful, compact and elegant portable table top electric potter’s wheel in the world, with no compromise on safe operation.

This rugged, wheel delivers constant torque so critical for clay working and often lacking in comparable products. This portable wheel is light and easy to move and use whilst probably having more power than you will need.

The wheel speed is controlled by a foot pedal or, the optional hand controller.

Images from Instagram

Assembled Studio Stand with Craftsman Wheel and fitted Shelf: This easy to assemble and very stable stand enables the wheel to be used in any location! #pottery #clay #pottersofinstagram #potterswheel
We’re glad to hear that Wendy is happy with her Discus Potters Wheel! She threw this gorgeous pot and commented “I found the wheel very smooth and easy to control.” Thank you Wendy!
Pre Delivery Calibrations: Before we  send out each of the Discus Wheels, we verify the smooth running - we carry out a series of safety checks and also that the wheel is “true”! #pottery #potterswheel #pottersofinstagram
Covid Precautions: We use the very reliable DPD delivery service. The drivers maintain a 2 metre distance. They take photographic proof of the delivery at your doorstep or preferred delivery spot. Stay Safe! #pottery #ceramics #art #staysafe #stayhome
The Discus Craftsman wheel is light and compact, yet it can handle 16kg / 35lbs of clay! #discuspotterywheels #discus #pottery #ukmade #madeingreatbritain
Our Discus bat set is included with our great value Craftsman and Compact packages! Details coming soon along with our new website! #pottery #potterywheel
The compact potters wheel, small yes, but powerful. Check out our website to view the full range, link in bio.
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Testing the wheel!
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The complete pottery package made in Hampshire!
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